Animal Crossing New Horizon RMT To Buy Villagers Violates Nintendo's Terms Of Service
Animal Crossing New Horizon RMT To Buy Villagers Violates Nintendo's Terms Of Service

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, you will definitely meet someone who is using real money to purchase additional services, such as bells/ Nook Miles Tickets, repaying loads and even villagers, in order to make great progress in a short time.

Animal Crossing New Horizons developed by Nintendo is a casual game, not required by any goals. But there are still many players who are trying to find shortcuts and skip the farming directly to get the biggest house and decoration. This is full of achievements, but completely lost the fun of enjoying the gaming process.

At present, the real money transactions(RMT) of Animal Crossing New Horizons are becoming more and more rampant, Nintendo has also discovered the problem, explaining that selling content for real life monetary gain violates their terms of service, and they will take corresponding actions for it, banning or suspending the relevant account.

From June 15, Nintendo will cancel the transactions of players buying and selling villagers or other in-game items.

Animal Crossing bells and Nook Miles ticket are two commonly used in-game virtual currency, a commodity that sells for hundreds of thousands of bells costs dozens of dollars in real life, which is quite expensive, and worse, long-term out-of-game transactions can severely disrupt the balance of in-game economy, and it is unfair for non-paid players to spend money to get extra services.

It is not just Animal Crossing New Horizons, in many other games, players have been asked not to pay to win, as ensuring the balance of in-game economy is the basis for maintaining a long-term game.

The necessary bells or tickets can only be obtained through some specific channels, such as, in order to make your game boost, and which will become meaningless if your entire game is full of real money transactions, it is likely that you will not be able to recall what you experienced after playing.

In short, all transactions within a reasonable range are allowed, if you just want to "play" the game, more depending on yourself.

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