Animal Crossing Wedding Season: Help Out Cyrus And Reese Celebrate Wedding Anniversary And Receive Rewards
Animal Crossing Wedding Season: Help Out Cyrus And Reese Celebrate Wedding Anniversary And Receive Rewards

June is not only the beginning of a new season, but also it started a wedding season in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Oh no, it's not asking you and others to hold a wedding, your task is just to help out the cutest IIama couple celebrate their wedding anniversary. If you still don't know how to prepare, so read on.

Starting from June 1, you have a whole month to prepare for the wedding event, including decorating the venue, Heart Crystals, Completing list of wedding items, and so on.

In order to help them, you need to go to Harv's island from the airport when receiving a phone call from Harvey, the IIama couple, Cyrus and Reese, who want you to take over staging and taking photos to recreate their past.

First of all, you need to use flowers and furniture to make the venue more beautiful. Set up the wedding photoshoot in the house, and then decorate however you want where you can find wedding furniture, themed items or use your own furniture. After completing, you'll be rewarded with some Heart Crystals, which are special currency during the wedding season to exchange for wedding-themed items.

With the Heart Crystals, you could receive a Wedding Bench, Wedding Table, Wedding Flower Stand, Wedding Head Table, Wedding Pipe Organ, Wedding Arch and a Reese & Cyrus Photo Plate from the Reese to decorate the wedding venue the first week you complete the photoshoot.

And after you complete a photoshoot six times, you'll receive both the Wedding Wand and Wedding Fence DIY recipes on the seventh day.

Heart Crystals are the most important elements through the wedding season, you will not be able to get any items to decorate the venue without them. If you still don't know how to decorate, you can get effective information by talking to the couple, such as what color they like.

Another common virtual in-game virtual currency Animal Crossing Bells can be obtained from the game, or purchasing directly. If you want to make great progress quickly, the latter is obviously better.

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