Deeper Animal Crossing Economy Guide: Right Time To Trade Turnips For More ACNH Bells
Deeper Animal Crossing Economy Guide: Right Time To Trade Turnips For More ACNH Bells

It is now hardly possible to hear someone trading turnips in Animal Crossing New Horizons, because most players already know how to operate to create a good economy in the game.
If you are new here, it is a guide for you to achieve a deeper economic level through turnips in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

If you have played Animal Crossing New Horizons, it's easy to know there are many ways to make money in the game, such as selling fruits, catching bugs, fishing, but turnip trading can be used throughout the game. For example, when you just landed on an island and got a tent from Tom Nook, most players will choose turnips trading to repay the 98,000 bells house load. Therefore, don't think of it too simple and disdain to engage in it.

Whether buying or selling turnips, you need to always keep focus on the market price and prevent you from suffering huge losses when trading at the wrong time.

Every Sunday, you could buy Turnips from Daisy Mae and store them for only one week. During this period, you can sell turnips to others at any time to make profits. But on Saturday, whether you lose money or not, you can directly sell these turnips to anyone else, otherwise they will rot quickly and become worthless.

Based on experience, we provide some suitable time for you to trade turnips.

Generally speaking, this is pretty good that you sell a turnip to Timmy and Tommy for 200 bells, of course, it is better with more than 200 bells. Every day, Timmy and Tommy will change the price of turnips twice, morning and noon, and there are several peak periods of turnips every week, who would provide not the same price as the price patterns.

The price of turnips appears several peaks per week, you are not recommended to see at the first if you want to make huge profits, it is better to trade at the second peak. Of course, if the turnip price has always been falling before Thursday, sell them as much as possible to avoid greater losses.

It is also allowed to sell turnips to others, not Timmy or Tommy, who will give you a better price. All in all, never let turnips rot in your hands.

The ultimate goal of the turnip trading is to get more bells, and if this doesn't work, it is a better solution to buy Animal Crossing bells.

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