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  • Al***es They're amazing! They have such a great and fast service!! 100% recommended!
  • Me***sh bought bells & was told it would take up to 3 didnt even take 10 minutes & they were all delivered. 10/10 very happy.
  • Ch***on I brought bells, nmts, clothing, and furniture that all got delivered in less than an hour. They just came, dropped the items and left, the experience was great!
  • Ja***ms 100% legit. I was getting worried because they were taking a few hours to process my order but they delivered. Chat is a little slow but they always do answer. 100% recommend this service!
  • Mi***as I had a decent size order and the delivery was extremely fast! Took no more than 5 minutes. Got exactly everything I ordered. Would recommend and will definitely use in the future!
  • Is***wn I was so hesitant but I went for it and I am pleasantly surprised! I did not wait that long at all! Thank you so much!
  • Na***ge Super fast response and affordable prices ! Will be back for sure !
  • Je***ms Seriously awesome! I will admit I was a tad skeptical but this business is totally legit and now I can pay off that greedy raccoon! Will be buying SO MUCH more from these lovely people!
  • Pa***on taking the different timezones in mind, the two times i've ordered my items have always come within 30 minutes and not only that but it is super reliable, i’ll definitely be ordering again :)
  • Da***th This is the most amazing website ever. I got it within five minutes. At first I thought I got ripped off, and then a person came to my island, dropped off my things and went away! Amazing!!!!!